Why Google News

With the recent news from Google regarding their recent Google algorithm changes, Press Releases are once again on top!

A Google spokeswoman said that in September the search giant widened the number of sources from which it drew the entries that appear in the “in the news” section of its search results page.

When you submit a press release, you see your press release not only at the top of Google News, but now possibly at the top of the Google search results!

Two fresh illustrations of Companies making Google through a news story:

SIM-card manufacturer Gemalto was the subject matter of a hacking undertaking by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). Looking at for the keyword “Gemalto” set up its press release on the subject inside the “In the news” page.

And early on this week, a marketing web page for Apple’s watch made an appearance in the “news” section as well.

Let’s face it, Fortune 500 companies, INCLUDING GOOGLE distributes press releases (Google Press Releases), and often.  Google is not going to punish or hurt the worlds largest companies for issuing news.

Benefits of a Press Release on Google News:

  • Targeted Traffic, and possible a ton of it!
  • Backlinks
  • Other news outlets possibly picking up the news.=
  • Reputation Management
  • Brand Awareness
  • Possible IMMEDIATE Search Results Exposure

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Google News monitors over 4500 news sources globally and includes variations for more than 60 regions in 28 languages.

Google News is a news aggregator supplied and administered by Google, picking up-to-date news from thousands of publications.

Google News supplies searching, and the choices of sorting the results by time and date of the submission (not to be mixed up with date and time of the news’ taking place) or grouping them.

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Google News is a news site that uses computer-generation to accumulate news from around the world. The site uses more than 50,000 sources from across the globe to provide headlines on the platform. These headlines are then categorized and grouped according to their similarities. In this way, the site provides the news according to the particular interests of the reader.