How can being seen in Google News improve brand awareness?

Featuring in the infamous “Google News” is an amazing opportunity for your brand and can be highly influential when you are looking to improve your brand’s awareness. It’s an opportunity which many businesses tend to overlook and assume the brand will speak for themselves, which in many instances isn’t the case.

We’re going to share with you some really important guidance and explain in great detail how featuring in Google News can improve your brand awareness but also what the criteria Google expects you to meet, in order to feature within these articles.

Why do I want to be featured on Google Information?
It targets the proper audience & drives visitors to your business:

Featuring in Google Information will not only help your business from an advertising perspective but it may also help from an SEO perspective too. When among your potential clients is looking for specific industry conditions and phrases into Google Information, it will supply them with the complete and tailored outcomes for that one term. They are able to also focus additional with the “Search Equipment ” option within Google Information, which allows one to segment the outcomes based on:

Location – Results situated on “ THE NET ” or simply “Current Location” page outcomes.
Information Type – You have the choice to choose whether it’s a blog page, with a particular term/ issue in or you have the choice to see all news articles.
Date – You may choose when the info was published, predicated on your Google search.

Relevance – Based on just how the broad the word is you can, actually, organise the keyphrases by just how relevant Google thinks your conditions are to the published content /news.
This can allow you to test out content with particular key terms and phrases, which you may have found during Keyword Research and you will be able to notice whether those terms are driving traffic to your business and it will also filter unwanted visitors to your site and will instead – focus on your potential customers.

Due to the popularity of the Google News section, your brand will have the opportunity to be exposed to the right target audience for your business and your site will then have the potential to drive relevant and useful traffic to your business, which ultimately can result in higher enquiries and new potential sales – to your brand.

If your content is featured within Google News it will also enable you to maximise the reach of your content or an externally sourced piece of content (i. e Newspapers, PR Companies etc) to a not only larger market than your website visitors but also – the proper target audience also.

Creates Link Building possibilities for your business:

In the event that you pass Google’s suggestions and end up featuring within Google Information afterward you your business and firm brand may build fantastic SEO link constructing strategies, which will not merely improve your ratings but will also boost your sites authority, within Google. For instance probably the most common link constructing opportunities which are for sale to your business is normally Unlinked Brand Mentions.

This type of outreach is wonderful for businesses who are featured in Google News, not merely does this demonstrate are popular inside your industry but if a possible client was to find your brand or a related key term within Google News, it’ll permit them to see what your brand is focused on. Therefore, if a newspaper provides written about a recently available PR related scheme you have already been involved in, charity work /sponsorship & involvement in industry-related topics, then your feature will appear within these results. Within these online sites, articles & various news items you will notice that your brand name has been pointed out within the article.

This is a fantastic chance for your business to inquire about linking your brand name or even recent case study, to a relevant page on your site. If your business is definitely featured in the press frequently and you notice that a large amount of these sites aren’t linking to your domain, then it is worth getting in touch with some Digital PR & Outreach experts, who have vast experience in the field of marketing and can help you gain these high-quality links to your website.

Emphasises your brand/website’s authority:

According to a survey was undertaken by the 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer, 60% of people say that they trust Google News, more than they trust the various other news outlets inside Google’s index. By offering right here you aren’t only attaining trustworthy content to your internet site nevertheless, you are also showing to your website’s guests you are a reliable site to go to. Also, if your articles is featured here after that Google is, actually, saying that your articles is a reliable and trustworthy source.

By reading the factors above you can view there are true benefits for your business/brand to be presented within Google News, nevertheless, you don’t have the authority to be contained in these results. That is in the hands of Google, because they have extensive requirements and strict guidelines, making allows your brand to qualify in these results – but that doesn’t mean you can have a say in this.

Here are some of the General, Technical & Quality Recommendations your business must follow, in order to qualify for a successful Google News feature:

General & Quality Guidelines

All content featured about Google News must be:

Initial, Readable and Accurate Content material /Information – The content which you or the external source who are writing about your brand will need to be clearly accurate, well written and unique (non-duplicated) for the Google News readers.

High Quality & Relevant Content must be created – It’s really important to make sure all of the content material you have created meets your brand’s high-quality standards. All the content material you create must consist of valid opinions, professional advice, figures, variation – the list continues on.
Trustworthy and Professional advice & information – To become featured Google must think that your articles is industry-leading should give clear and professional opinions, predicated on experience within the field. This content also needs to be supported with apparent trust indications: Home address, helping authorship and phone numbers.
If you website gets the following, you will either not be featured in Google Information or you won’t appear in the very best relevant serp’s:

Job adverts
Information-only content – example: climate reports or stock/ talk about prices.
Excessive usage of adverts & videos on your own site.
Technical Guidelines

To ensure that your brand to be presented within Google Current information, your website will need to meet the standards of Google’s algorithm-based processing. This is where Google Bots will crawl content articles for inclusion in Google News and in order to meet up with these requirements, here are the main technical guidelines, which must be met:

Content provided must be in HTML format only. For example JavaScript, PDF’s and various other content types cannot be crawled or displayed. This includes multimedia content, apart from YouTube, who are the odd exception.

URLs and Anchor Links, within the page, must be: unique, permanent and accurately descriptive of the content.
The domain on which the content is hosted must be accessible for search engine bots to crawl.

In fact , many of the points addressed in our post are crucial SEO ranking factors for business. Without having the high-quality, SEO friendly and fully optimised your content will not benefit your brand and you will not have the ability to get the chance to feature in Google Information. Without having a specialist SEO team and a skilled Digital PR group, you will not have the ability to take this superb chance of your business as well as your firm brand. I