Reputation Management with Press Releases

Are you currently under attack over the internet or social media by a former client or an ex-employee?

Online reputation management isn’t a matter of simply hiding damaging posts, it’s about developing and maintaining a favourable image on the web.

If you’ve got a real situation on your online reputation, or want to avoid an issue, it’s time for online reputation management.

The proven tactic for online reputation management consists of using online press releases to push down the undesirable postings that target you or your business.

Online reputation management (ORM) would be the act of monitoring, addressing or mitigating search engine outcomes, pages or mentions for a brand, name, service or product.

Techniques for online reputation management contain online PR activity via new content development through online press releases and promotion of existing positive content.

The target is favourable public relations on the web.

A damaging mention in social media or on criticism websites could be a threat, but companies can fight back.

No matter if you would like to maintain a positive image on the net or are battling negative postings or blogs on the Web, we’re here to help you. Contact us today.